Investment Philosophy

Clearbrook has expertise in both traditional and alternative investments and employs an investment philosophy focused on customization and risk awareness.

As a client-focused firm, our approach delivers solutions that are in the best interest of our clients. We put our clients’ objectives at the forefront and strive to earn the highest possible returns within the confines of each client’s acceptable level of risk. We consider ourselves industry leaders in evaluating the key risk factors behind each client’s investment program and look at risk from an absolute standpoint, rather than a relative one. We employ a number of tools and controls to monitor and optimize risk allocations, balancing asset weight limits and risk limits to achieve client objectives.

Investment Tenets

  • Utilize a risk-averse approach; focus on creating portfolios with asymmetric return profiles
  • Apply a long-term strategic perspective with attention to managing downside risk
  • Leverage superior manager selection to implement shorter-term tactical allocation strategies
  • Overlay tactical asset decisions to hedge short to intermediate term market risks
  • Alter portfolio to reflect changes in the markets (e.g. – interest rates go up and down, market volatility increases or decreases, or political dynamics change)
  • Exploit our size and scope to negotiate lower cost, customized solutions for our clients

Our investment philosophy comes from decades of experience managing large, complex pools of capital for a wide array of institutional and private investors.