Our investment expertise, your strategic advantage
As the investment landscape continues to become more complex, institutions that lack internal resources have developed an increasing need for seamless and unbiased oversight of their investments. In many cases, these institutions decide that in order to best meet their fiduciary obligation, they require an experienced partner to lead them through investment policy decisions and implement those decisions on their behalf. Our discretionary programs are specifically designed for institutional and individual investors seeking diversification and a lower overall fee structure within a fully staffed, actively managed offering. When working in this type of arrangement, Clearbrook typically functions as the outsourced CIO and/or investment office. We construct, implement, and monitor all aspects of the portfolio while offering a level of flexibility that is not always present in other outsourcing solutions.

Our open architecture outsourced CIO model enables us to utilize the best talent across the full range of traditional and alternative asset classes. We have complete flexibility in our asset allocation and asset class structuring process, which allows us to engage top quality investment specialists who are best positioned to achieve excess returns for our clients. A key tenet of our investment approach is to construct portfolios designed to achieve client return objectives over the long term, while limiting downside risks over short and intermediate time frames. We understand that preservation of purchasing power, especially in volatile markets, is the key ingredient to investment success for our clients. Our strength lies in our ability to evaluate the macro-environment, select superior investment managers, incorporate tactical asset decisions to hedge shorter to intermediate-term market risks, and make proactive adjustments based upon anticipated changes in the markets.