For more than 30 years, research has been the cornerstone of Clearbrook’s investment process. We have built our business around experienced investment professionals who are well-known for their depth of knowledge spanning asset allocation, traditional investments, and alternative strategies. We leverage our expertise to create and to deliver best-in-class solutions for clients, including the quality of managers, funds, and products that we recommend.

Our focus is on uncovering managers with the ability to identify strong market trends and unique investment opportunities. Our clients have materially benefited from investing with these firms as they provide superior absolute, risk-adjusted, and relative returns. We spend a considerable amount of time assessing managers’ ability to identity key alpha and risk drivers, such as credit spreads, changes in market volatility, shifts in the yield curve, energy prices, and trends in currencies, global monetary and fiscal policy. As part of our identification process, we perform extensive due diligence to ensure that the managers we recommend have the investment expertise and acumen to analyze opportunities, formulate a strategy to exploit them, and create a repeatable investment process to achieve a consistent level of performance.Many times, we have found that it is not the established manager that is best positioned to capitalize on market opportunities, but the top quality boutique with a professional and specialized network to provide a proprietary flow of ideas.

Our team has demonstrated a proven ability to seek out and identify these top quality boutique managers before they become well-known in the marketplace. Unlike many of our larger competitors, we actively seek out emerging firms that possess quantifiable talent and could easily take off in subsequent years. Young firms often provide the greatest amounts of outperformance, and we want our clients to be active participants in their success.