Customized alternative investment programs for specialized needs

Clearbrook’s specialized solutions business model was created to address the growing complexity of alternative assets and the increasing desire of our clients for lower cost, customized direct alternative assets programs that offer more control and transparency of the underlying managers. We offer fully customized alternative investment portfolios, which are specifically tailored to meet each client’s return expectations, risk tolerance, and liquidity objectives. Our investment structure allows us to allocate across a variety of sectors and strategies, while taking advantage of Clearbrook’s institutional research capabilities. Clearbrook takes a holistic approach to crafting direct alternative assets programs and analyzes each client’s current portfolio to identify the risk and return drivers on a holdings, investment manager, and portfolio level. Total portfolio analysis is an integral step in crafting and implementing customized investment programs that are successful in enhancing returns and mitigating systematic, non-systematic, and co-variant risks. Our tailored solutions are an effective way to achieve true diversification from traditional markets through exposure to well researched, properly constructed, and actively managed portfolios of alternative investments.

Examples of specialized solutions that we have created for our clients:

  • Multi-strategy absolute return with a lower correlation and beta to traditional equity markets by investing in market neutral and flexible beta equity, macro and volatility-based strategies
  • Multi-strategy absolute bond-like return with a lower correlation and beta to traditional fixed income market by investing in relative value, capital structure arbitrage, and structured finance strategies
  • Absolute return with sensitivity to rising interest rates and inflation by investing in adjustable rate fixed income, emerging market debt, commodity, natural resource, and real asset alternatives
  • Absolute return that benefits from dislocations and distress in traditional markets by investing in volatility- driven strategies, individual security and index listed options, and strategies that profit from changing credit spreads and the shape of the yield curve